EU Ambassador Visits Peshmerga Front Lines in Kirkuk

On January 23, 2017, Kirkuk Governor Dr.Najmaldin Karim accompanied the European Union Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Patrick Simonnet to the front lines of Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk and held a meeting with Sheikh Jafar Mustafa, the commander of 70th Peshmerga Brigade at the first defense lines in Tal Al- Ward area.  

Ambassador Simmonet valued the readiness and the high morals of the Peshmerga forces at the front lines in protecting Kirkuk city.   

Kirkuk Governor, Ambassador Simonnet, Mr. Mustafa held a meeting with the participation of several Peshmerga commanders of the 70th brigade. During the meeting, the sides discussed security and military issues in the south of Kirkuk, efforts of receiving displaced people, and the liberation of Haweja district.

During a press conference at the front lines, Ambassador Simonnet said: ”we very much admire and commend the courage and the sacrifices of all the Kurdish Peshmerga.” In regards of Peshmerga causalities due to fighting ISIS terrorists, he said: “we would like to extend our sympathy, and our thoughts go to the families of the Peshmergas.”

Ambassador Simonnet concluded the press conference by saying: ” with the Governor and Mr. Jafar Mustafa we wanted to visit the front lines and express EUs support for the Peshmerga.”  

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